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More Physician Support for Caregivers Ahead?

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if you are a caregiver –an exhausted caregiver — read this column from the New York Times about care for the caregiver and the changes that may be coming your way at the doctor’s office.

It captures the exhaustion and overwhelming sense of responsibility that comes with providing care to an aging loved on.

It also provides hope that doctor’s increasingly will find a way to deal with the complex relationship between their patient and the caregiver.  A paper by the American College of Physicians in conjunctions with ten other professional societies offers ethical guidance to physicians in developing mutually supportive –patient-physician-caregiver relationships.

Questions, according to the NY Times like:

How should physicians approach long-distance family caregivers? What should they consider when working with the caregiver of a terminal patient? How can they best support the caregiver who is convinced that he or she can never do “enough”?

With the number of caregivers fast approaching 40 million – and the aging of baby boomers  promising more of us will be or continue to be caregivers for spouses, siblings – tackling this issue is critical.

I had the benefit of dealing with a wonderful gerontologist when my father needed care.  Hospitals stays were their own nightmare of communication with physicians.  Finding ways to bridge the care link between caregiver,physician and the cared holds great hope for helping caregivers traverse this very difficult time.

 What do you think?.


Written by Laura Rossman

January 25, 2010 at 9:50 pm

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