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Geting to Know Medicare Benefits

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Medicare & You 2010.  It may not be on the top seller’s booklist but it is a book that any baby boomer approaching Medicare age or helping someone figure out their Medicare benefits should read.  And it’s free.

 Why is it so important to have a copy of Medicare & You 2010 about Medicare benefits?

  • Because it can get you beyond the myths about Medicare to the facts about Medicare – what it covers and what it doesn’t.  It covers premiums, deductibles and what is covered and for how long. 
  • It can help you unravel what you’ll be paying for Medicare in 2010 – whether it’s Medicare premiums, Medicare deductibles
  • It can prepare you to develop a plan for what is not covered by Medicare, especially long-term care.

 When my father was going in and out of hospitals and rehab facilities after a major stroke, I found it one of the best resources in terms of unwinding what was covered and what wasn’t covered by Medicare.  In our case, he had a great Medicare Supplement plan, but of course that only pays when Medicare pays.  So you have to know the basics and what to question.

You can find Medicare and You 2010 online.  Each Medicare beneficiary receives a copy in the mail as well, but the online version can be handy if you are helping an aging parent.  

If you are a baby boomer approaching Medicare and trying to figure out Part A, Part B, part C and part D of Medicare, this is a great place to start.  If you are confused about what long-term care benefits are covered by Medicare (not many days) you can find the answer here. There are more resources at including a good questions and answers site about Medicare benefits.

 If you are beginning to budget for your 2010 health care expenses, and starting to shop for Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement or Medicare Part D this booklet can be a good place to start.


Written by Laura Rossman

October 26, 2009 at 4:06 pm

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