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Finding the Right Home As We Age

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Making the decision, or helping an aging parent make the decision, to move to an assisted living facility or nursing home is never easy.  It’s essential that the facility has the right kind of care and support and track record.  But it’s also nice to be able to find a place where your loved one can feel at home.  That often means sharing cultural traditions and language preferences.

 More facilities catering to seniors – from senior centers to assisted living facilities –now meet the needs of a diverse aging population by providing multi-cultural offerings.  This article from the Washington Post provides some great examples of facilities in the Washington, DC area that cater to specific ethnic groups.   You’ll find similar programs throughout the country.

 Online directories will frequently list languages spoken at a facility but may not give you a sense of the breadth and depth of programs available.  It’s worth asking and seeking a place that makes it a bit easier to find new friends who share interests and make it feel a bit more like home.


Written by Laura Rossman

August 27, 2009 at 2:13 pm

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