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A few nights ago I was sharing war stories of long-distance caregiving.  We both agree that the worst part of long-distance caregiving is the guilt – when you weren’t there you worried and felt terrible you weren’t doing more when you were there, you felt terrible you had been away and now couldn’t do more.  Any woman who has been a caregiver, revels in sharing with others – to learn and also, just to feel like you’re not alone.

 So, I’m intrigued by an invitation I received to join a Twittercast on caregiving July 13.  You should join in too if you are a caregiver.

Caregiving is a huge part of women’s lives, and so often it’s a job for which we usually don’t get or expect monetary compensation. How can caregiving be made easier to make our lives easier?

Over the next couple of weeks, Fem2.0 is partnering with the National Family Caregivers Association and the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation to start a fresh discussion about caregiving and women.

 What is caregiving in all its shapes and forms?
 What role does it play in women’s lives?
What can be done, or what changes need to happen, to facilitate caregiving?

They are  looking for insights, comments, and expertise. And,for personal stories to illustrate the human experience of caregiving and to build a sense of solidarity among all caregivers.

Want to join in?  Here’s how.      Participate in the Women and Caregiving Twittercast Monday night, July 13, 10 PM EST — hashtag #fem2. Find out how to join a Twittercast here:


Written by Laura Rossman

July 13, 2009 at 12:26 pm

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