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Baby Boomers On the Road with Mom and Dad

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I just got back from Florida retrieving my Mom from a couple months in the Florida sunshine.  She likes to have her own car down there; and I’m nervous about her driving 13 hours by herself. So I drive her down, get her settled, enjoy a bit of sun and head back.  Then, do the return trip in the spring.  I’m not alone.






While I can’t find any statistics on how many boomers are making the trip to Florida, or Arizona or other warm weather places, I do know it’s a trend.  My van driver from the airport confirmed that. My seatmate on the flight down had done the trip from Canada. Conversations with friends and colleagues draw out stories of the same trips.


Why do we do it?  I think it has to do with keeping certain aspects of life constant as we age.  For our parents, the trip is often a return to see friends – their winter community. And, the real factor of getting out of the cold and ice and snow. and, of course, there is the dog who is THE most important member of the family and we can’t think about flying as cargo.  We do know that relationships keep your mind young and engaged. It’s invigorating to get to a new environment and change up the routine a bit.


For adult children it’s a chance to do something that enables.  It’s also a great chance for one-on-one time.  My husband speaks fondly of the drives from Florida to Chicago with his father – a great story teller.  He heard stories and learned more about his father than he ever would have without those two-day drives. My friend Denise is driving her grandfather south so he can visit with a favorite uncle. And so the stories go.


Transportation is a big issue as we age. For those of us in the middle, it can be hard to find the time from work to make the trip.   But the rewards can be worth.  And maybe, someday, our children will do it for us. 

Made the trip? Share your story


Written by Laura Rossman

March 2, 2009 at 1:21 pm

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